Staking is back up!

2022-09-26 19:59:03

We are happy to announce that staking is back up. Your tokens will now be eligible to earn rewards. After a core rewrite to the staking protocol, we significantly improved the user experience. Also, we took the opportunity to prepare the Core of Zhaka for the new Vasil hard fork on Cardano. As a result, we are now closer to being on Cardano's decentralized exchanges. Although we cannot provide a definite date at this moment, we are closer and working towards that objective.

Staking rules are the same as previous. You can refer to the last communication to check the rules. Stakes have been reverted, and all wallets have been synced with the investments registered so that no tokens were lost during the unavailability of staking.

Mainsite code has been updated and is now running the latest version of the web client. The beta site will still be up but soon close when the DAO token gets rolled out. This reward will be another advantage for the DAO program. Members can see changes and test them before it's live. And for active testing members, there will be rewards.

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