Exciting Update Announcement and A Glimpse into the Future of Our Platform

2023-04-04 19:02:41

Exciting Update Announcement and A Glimpse into the Future of Our Platform

We are excited to announce that our platform has experienced a significant increase in adoption and investments, reflected in the token price. We want to thank all of you who have shown faith and trust in our platform. Because of your support, we can continue to grow and offer new features. The Future

Last update

In the latest update, we have taken the first step towards creating a comprehensive marketplace enabling members to trade tokens and NFTs directly with each other. By introducing the new feature that allows members to have multiple wallets and send tokens to other members, we are laying the groundwork for a seamless trading experience. However, we must remind members to be cautious when sending tokens, as transactions to non-existent wallets will result in the tokens being lost forever. Therefore, always ensure you are sending tokens to the correct address.

This exciting development is just the beginning. Shortly, we plan to incorporate functionality for members to mint their NFTs, further enhancing the platform's capabilities. In addition, we are currently in talks with an online gaming platform to bring Zhaka into the blockchain gaming world and the metaverse. We aim to create a genuinely immersive and interconnected ecosystem for our members to thrive. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build the future of digital assets and decentralized finance.

Nest Steps

We are also excited to announce our next significant deployment - the DAO token.

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a new type of organization operating on blockchain technology. The DAO token will allow members to become network owners and participate in the decision-making process of the platform through a voting system.

By holding DAO tokens, members can attend meetings with our team every two weeks, where we will provide updates on the platform's development and discuss important decisions. In addition, this feature will allow members to voice their opinions and concerns directly to the team.

In addition, DAO token holders will also have the power to participate in the platform's decision-making process through a voting system. This system will give members a say in important decisions that impact the platform's future. For example, members can vote on critical decisions such as adding new features, changes in platform policies, or investments.

Moreover, holding DAO tokens will also come with financial rewards. We will reward members for participating in the platform's decision-making process by offering financial incentives such as a portion of the revenue generated. members can shape the platform's future while earning economic benefits by participating in decision-making.

Overall, the DAO token will give members a unique opportunity to become network owners, participate in decision-making, and earn financial rewards. We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting new feature in our upcoming article. The Future

More extensive reach and faster adoption

Furthermore, we are also pleased to announce upcoming opportunities for our members. Soon, members can become partners and sell tokens directly to other members in their local currencies. This initiative will allow greater accessibility and flexibility in trading on our platform. In addition, partners will also be able to sell tokens back to the platform. We will publish a dedicated article later this month providing more information about this exciting new feature.

Finally, we want to thank all our members for their continued support and trust. We have more financial incentives in the pipeline, which we will announce soon. Together, we can continue to grow and offer innovative features that enhance your trading experience.

Thank you,

Zhaka Team

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