Announcements 14.03.2022

2022-03-15 10:14:28

Announcing this week

More clarity on the Token price

We are excited to come in on the next step towards our future platform. It has been requested to include more decimal places on the Token price to make more clear what the daily evolution is. So this week, Token price will be shown with 6 decimal places instead of 2.

Introducing Incentives

Network incentives will be deployed live this week. Each user will get a unique reference code that can be used by new users when joining the network. This will generate revenew to the users, giving the users that register, free 25usd in crypto and to the user that supply the reference code, a smal return. This token can be received in ZHAKA(ZHK) or Tron(TRX). Receiving this incentive in TRX will return 10% of the total of the new user investment on the network, forever. And receiving in ZHK, 12%

Next week developments

Two new NFTs coming to the network

Two new NFTs will be added to the network.

  • A "Influencer" NFT will be granted to any user that leads to 50 new users that register and make an investment of at least 100USD. This NFT will grant to the user an extra 2% of incentive.
  • An "Embassador" NFT will be granted to any user that leads to 200 new registered users and make an investment of at least 100USD. This NFT will grant to the user an extra 3% of incentive.

Developments on the following weeks

We are already testing with the next step in the development of the platform. And soon a Marketplace will be introduced for everyone. On this Marketplace will be possible the following:

On the first version:

  • Buy and sell your tokens to other users and to the network through the "buy back scheme"
  • Buy and Sell NFTs to other users and the network.

On the following versions:

  • The ability to exchange ZHK with other cryptos
  • The ability to receive ZHK as payment through the "POS" (Point of Sale) application

A new mobile application is already ahead in development and will be deployed in the upcoming weeks as well.

Bugs and Corrections

The missing TRX bug is nearly fixed but we are aware that are still some cases unattended. Mostly because these situations were reported through Social Media and not to our support directly. So we ask you, if you are still pending on resolution of these issues, contact support providing the following information:

  • The email of the account that the funds are missing
  • The wallet where the funds were transferred to or the transaction ID
  • The currency
  • The total amount transferred A screenshot is not required. It is actually faster if the actual text is sent because makes the process quicker. But a screenshot is useful as well. Hopefully we this final push we can definately get this situation solved and done.

Next Communication

The next newsletter will be posted on Monday the 21st of March 2022. We are working to build social media presence as well and to make a monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) session starting in April.

Thank you so much for your help, patience and belief. Together, our network will thrive and bring a better future to all.

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