Incentives are here!

2022-03-22 07:57:26

Incentives are Here!

It is with great pleasure that we roll out the Incentives feature for all users. After a period of testing on a small number of users, we are confident enough that this feature is ready for all.

Who can use this feature?

All users that had made an investment of 100USD or above will have the feature unlocked automatically on the Dashboard.

How can I earn Incentives?

Incentives are earned each time a new user joins the network using your incentive link and make an investment of 50USD or above. When the user first goes above the 50USD investment, a 25USD incentive is earned by the inviting account. After that, all investments will earn 10% of the invested amount.

When can I see those earnings?

Earnings are accounted in real time and are shown on the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows the total users registered using your link, the total users that made investments above 50USD, how much will be the next payout and the total earned. Payouts are sent to the user once a month, on the 5th of each month and represents all earnings until the last day of the previous month. for example, on the 5th of April will be paid out all earnings until the 31st of March. Payments can be done in TRX or in Zhaka. On the user Settings page, you can set your preferences in receiving. Payments done in Zhaka have a 2% bonus.

What if the 5th is on a weekend?

Payments are sent out regardless the day of the week. Crypto never sleeps and doesn't have weekends. The market is always open.

Is there bonus tiers or any other incentive?

Today it was rolled out the first step of the incentives structure. Many new features will be live soon. Either with more tiers and more chances of making a passive income. Invite your friends and family and earn direct funds, NFTs and other incentives.