New year, new development, new opportunities.

2023-01-17 19:00:12

It's that time of the year again - a new year with fresh opportunities for growth and success. New beginnings always represent a new opportunity to achieve your goals and make the most of life - whether that means starting fresh with a New Year’s resolution or launching a new feature.

Introducing the new "Teams" feature

We are excited to bring to light the feature we've been working on for many weeks. "Teams" expands the incentive functionality we've offered in the past, allowing you to collaborate more effectively with your team members and get rewarded. Now you can consider the people that join under your registration link, your direct team. And there's further an indirect and extended ring. More functionalities will come for communicating with team members.

Changes in the investment Channels

With the new development, all investment channels will become inactive. And members will have to create new ones if they decide to invest. For a short period of time, old addresses will still work. However, we strongly encourage you to update your details to the new structure once the upgrade is complete.

How does it work?

You start by creating a challenge. Once started, and for the next four weeks, every member that joins the platform and makes an investment contributes to your reward. Rewards are paid weekly, two days after the week ends the processing.

An intense year that is just starting

The current year will bring a lot of important events to the crypto community. This growing industry has a vast potential to change many people's lives in the coming years, and we want to be a part of that change. In Zhaka, things are not going to be different. This new feature represents the first step in phase III. There's still the DAO missing from phase II, but due to specification changes, we decided to move along with the development. The DAO will be complete by mid-February, along with:

  • Multi Wallet per user
  • Transactions between wallets (owned and to other users). This will complete phases II and III, and we will be ready to start the digital Market. Our ambitious plan have us listed on exchanges in April. It will be hard and will require a lot of hard work. But we're up to the challenge.

There's a place in Zhaka for everyone.

Whether you're a long-time investor, trader or just someone that believes in crypto in its essence, there is a place for everyone in Zhaka.

Long-Term Investors

  • The times we live in represent the opportunity of a generation. Cryptocurrencies have proven that is the technology of the future. And they will not go away any time soon. Also, smaller and better-structured projects can rise above others with the fall of the wrong projects. It is almost impossible to listen to the news without some project falling. And still, here we are, developing and creating the tools for tomorrow. With the introduction of the DAO, long-term investors will have the opportunity not only to create generational wealth but to have a part in the project as owners. Making ZHAKA effectively wholly owned by their users.


  • There's a shorter-term opportunity to capitalize on the crypto market's existing volume. As the volume increases, more chances of making rewards on the platform. Also, with the introduction of Cardano's Hydra and the new sidechain toolkit release by IOG, ZHAKA will start producing blocks in the network, creating global wealth for the entire ecosystem. Those rewards for creating blocks will be distributed to the members. This is, indeed, the best time to join our network.


  • If you are already using crypto either for remittances, DeFi or shopping, having a position on a network built to be the new world operating system is a decision you will not regret. As the future unfolds, we know crypto will dominate the financial system. Many projects are popping up everywhere, from the new developments in Zanzibar with World Mobile to Ethiopia and the new digital identity project. And we're right there: right and centre. Participating and keeping the network moving. Creating tools and validating blocks on the network.

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