Newsletter 11.05.2022 - First Payout is done

2022-05-11 06:26:40

It's 11th May 2022. It currently is 1:55 am, and we've just finished processing the first big payout at the end of the Epoch. I apologize in advance for the less formal tone in this quick newsletter. However, we wanted to send the word out. We processed this evening over 150 thousand USD in incentive payments. It was way better than our best expectations. And we thank you, the community, for the incredible support shown in the past few weeks.

From tomorrow, our team effort turns to the webpage and the application. A more in-depth newsletter will be published at the end of the day tomorrow, announcing all the exciting changes.

With this first payout starts a countdown for us. We will still operate in currencies other than Cardano in the subsequent two epochs (10 days). However, from Epoch 340 (20th May 2022, 23:44:52), We will only operate in Cardano. The team will release the policy ID and the first smart contract a few Epochs later—more information about this will be in the newsletter tomorrow.

Also, this week, our web team will publish the new jobs page live. We will have more community members, and Telegram and Twitter will start operating. I count on you all to contribute and join us.

To all of you that are helping make this project come alive, a deep thank you from all the team.

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