Newsletter 29.04.22

2022-04-28 22:58:11

Addressing a long time since the last newsletter and the incentives

We are busy at work. A new Cardano hard fork is around the corner, and many new things are coming to the space. However, many details were not yet fully defined. Because of that, we could not finalize the final form of the smart contracts that power Zhaka. The final specification is not closed, and we are busy bringing it all to the blockchain. To give some content, most of Zhaka's staff are developers. Therefore, we keep administrative staff to a minimum to focus our resources on developing the network. But, of course, we understand that it might not be fair for the investor that gets without information for a length of time. More about this later on in the next point.

We address the quality of our content and reply to some content creators on the Internet.

We have produced several communications before. Each time, there was a wall of mocking and pointing fingers. The truth is that our team is mainly technical. And almost all elements are non-native speakers. So we chose to communicate, even with mistakes or typos, rather than not communicate at all. We were wrong, and after much criticism, we decided to hire people to help us with content creation.

So after a short training period, we are now confident that our content is in the correct form. And that we are communicating in the way we want to.

Moving to Cardano payments and ditching other currencies

Slowly but surely, Cardano is becoming a significant player in the crypto ecosystem. Our payments are processed using a partner that provided us with the functionality we needed at launch. We are finishing our solution that will have Cardano as the centrepiece. After that, we will start rolling out Cardano payment wallets to all users and disabling all other wallets.

Announcing hiring and jobs

After many months of development and technical work, we started a new phase of Zhaka's communication. We will have an announcement channel on Telegram—also, a Discord server where we will be in direct touch with the community. On our Discord server, we will host several AMAs where the community will be able to ask all the questions directly to the team. Finally, the communication will be complete with a blog hosted on our leading site and Medium.

To achieve these communication goals, we will hire new staff. And who better to represent our project than the community itself. So we are announcing that a new "jobs page" will be published within the upcoming days and if you feel you can bring something to the project, reach out and let's talk.

Payout of Incentives and moving to a five day payment period

We will move our monthly payment schedule to a five-day cycle in the upcoming weeks. Like in Cardano, our network heartbeat will work in Epochs. An Epoch is five days, and you can watch the countdown at:

The next payout will be on the next 10th of May. Consequently, we will process all pending incentives on that date. After that, we will process payouts every five days.

The payment method must be chosen and locked 24 hours before the end of the period. Changes in the payment method after that period will not be allowed. After the migration to ADA, we will process the payouts in Zhaka, ADA or a percentage of two.