The poll is Finished. The Community has spoken.

2022-09-21 22:45:02

The staking poll has finished, and the Community has spoken. First of all, a quick explanation of what the vote was. We asked the Community how to proceed with the error produced on the first beta of staking. The Community overwhelmingly chose to solve the problem by reverting all stakes, balancing out to the point it was before, and restarting the process. So In the following hours, our team will do so. All stakes will be closed, and the values staked will be returned to the respective wallets. Some users illicitly acquired tokens by exploiting a platform error. We have developed code that will revert those transactions and burn the tokens.

The delay in the voting was due to the mechanic of the poll. And that is on us because it was poorly communicated. Due to how the voting system was built, we needed to wait for at least 75% of the total voters to cast their opinion. We reached that number a few minutes ago, triggering the counting mechanism. We will announce the results in the morning, with all percentages and total votes cast.

The next vote will have a more extensive interface, showing the number of votes already cast and the amount left until we reach a consensus. That will allow for more transparency and fewer delays in the voting process. We understand this has all been inconvenient for our community members, and we are sorry. But we want to thank everyone for their votes and their patience. Also, we want to reiterate our commitment to the security of the project and the improvement of the UX for our platform.

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