Time of Change and new Horizons

2023-06-01 09:30:23

As Zhaka, our community has flourished, pioneering innovation and collaboration. However, the winds of change are now prompting a transformation – a migration towards becoming the Neuralink Network. This isn't just a rebranding; it's a commitment to evolving with technology, better serving our members, and refining our focus.

Our decision stems from a divergence in visions. One of our founding partners, who also holds the Zhaka brand, pursued a broad, somewhat unfocused ambition for the platform. Recognising the need for clarity and purpose, we have chosen a new path.

The Neuralink Network signifies this renewed vision, promising an interconnected ecosystem of ideas and progress underpinned by an actionable application that we will explore further in this article. While change can be challenging, we assure you that every step of this transition is designed with your needs in mind. So let's embark on this journey together, embracing the exciting changes and the future that Neuralink Network brings.

Anticipated benefits of the migration

  1. Faster Development Cycles: One of the main benefits of the migration will be expedited development cycles. Under the Neuralink Network, we will focus on creating a robust environment that fosters quick yet stable software iterations. This refined focus will enable us to stay on the cutting edge, swiftly integrating new features, improving the platform's functionalities, and responding to feedback more efficiently.
  2. Accelerated Listing on Exchanges: Our transition will also streamline the listing process on exchanges. The new structure and our clarified vision will make us more appealing to cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing for quicker listings. This accelerated integration means our members will have greater access and flexibility in trading and transacting, enhancing the platform's utility.
  3. Increased Reward Incentives: In appreciation of our community members' engagement and contribution, the Neuralink Network will implement a more rewarding incentive system. Members actively participating in the project will enjoy direct rewards, further fostering a sense of ownership, involvement, and commitment within the community. This increased reward system is not just a token of gratitude but also a testament to the symbiotic relationship we aim to cultivate, where the success of Neuralink Network is directly tied to the participation and satisfaction of our members.

These benefits indicate our commitment to delivering a more effective, engaging, and rewarding platform. As we move forward, we aim to ensure that our community is empowered, heard, and continuously benefiting from their involvement in the Neuralink Network. The community's future lies in this partnership and shared progress, and we are thrilled to see where this journey takes us.

III. Timeline of the Migration

III. Timeline of the Migration

The migration from Zhaka to the Neuralink Network has been meticulously planned to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all our community members. We've broken down the migration process into four distinct steps, each designed to maintain the integrity of our platform while minimising any disruption to your experience.

  1. Blocking New Registrations and Investments: The upcoming phase of our transition will begin in the next 48 hours, during which we'll pause new registrations on the existing Zhaka platform to maintain data consistency in preparation for the migration. Importantly, you still have the opportunity to invest during this period and benefit from a 10% bonus that will be applied to your investment. Therefore, check the Investment page to see if the investment wallet is still active. Once it's deactivated, please refrain from making new investments as they may not be secure, potentially resulting in a permanent loss of funds. Note that this applies only to new investments; any funds already invested are safe and unaffected.
  2. Migration of Accounts: 24 hours after the initial phase, we will begin migrating all user accounts from the Zhaka platform to the Neuralink Network. This process will involve a comprehensive transfer of your account data and assets, preserving the security and confidentiality of your information throughout. While we work on the migration, the platform will be inaccessible to ensure a swift and smooth transition.
  3. Activation of Neuralink Network: Following another 24 hours, the new Neuralink Network platform will be activated. All migrated accounts will be accessible at this time. You can log in to the new website, https://neuralinknetwork.io, using the same user credentials you had for Zhaka. It is crucial to note that you won't need to create a new account or change your login details.
  4. Resumption of Services: Once all users have successfully logged in and familiarised themselves with the Neuralink Network platform, we will resume complete services, including new registrations and investments. An announcement will be made regarding this at a later date.

This phased approach to our migration process ensures a smooth transition with minimal inconvenience for our users. However, we understand this is a significant change, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.

In the meantime, check the Official Announcement Telegram channel at: https://t.me/NEURALINK_Official_ancmts for up to date information. A community channel will be released soon for direct communication with the team.

IV. Changes After the Migration

The transition from Zhaka to the Neuralink Network is not just a renaming; it's a comprehensive transformation designed to refine our platform's operational mechanics and user experience. Here's an overview of the significant changes that you can anticipate:

  1. Token Conversion: As part of the transition, Zhaka (ZHK) tokens will be converted to Neuralink Network ($NEURA) tokens. This conversion will be executed on a one-to-one ratio, ensuring the value of your tokens remains consistent. You do not need to act; the conversion will be automatically performed during the migration.
  2. Token Bonus: In addition to the one-to-one token conversion, every user will receive a bonus of 10% of their total tokens. This bonus is a gesture of appreciation for your patience and support during the transition. The extra tokens will be automatically credited to your account after the migration.
  3. New Reward System: The Neuralink Network will introduce an innovative reward system to foster community growth and encourage active participation. Users will join a structured community When they register using an existing member's registration link. This community structure consists of six levels, each with a specified reward percentage: 6% for the first level, 4% for the second level, 3% for the third, 2% for the fourth and fifth, and 3% for the sixth level.
  4. Simplified Investment Procedure: Our investment procedure will be simplified, removing the concept of investment channels. This improvement aims to make investing more straightforward and efficient for all our users, enabling them to take advantage of our platform's opportunities more quickly.
  5. Enhanced Reward Scheme: The Neuralink Network will regularly introduce challenges and promotions beyond the new reward system. These activities will allow members to earn additional rewards, further enhancing the benefits of participation. More details on these opportunities will be shared as they become available.

These changes are set to refine the platform's operations, deliver an enhanced user experience, and provide more avenues for our members to benefit from their engagement with the Neuralink Network. The spirit of Zhaka continues but with a new name, a more focused vision, and an enriched experience for every member of our community.

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