ZHAKA Status Report 02.05.2022

2022-05-02 10:06:07


Regular communication on the developed work will be published on this blog to be transparent. We are accounting for what each team is currently working on. One of the following steps will be to create a governance system so you, the community, vote and decide what we're working on next. We want the platform built according to the community's wishes, and guidance to best serve the community itself.

What we're currently working on

  • Dev Team Alpha: Multi Wallets and transfers.
  • Dev Team Beta: creating an identity easy to remember inside the platform to make it easier to do transactions between users without using the full-size wallet address.
  • Web Dev Team: Jobs page.
  • Content Team: White Paper v1
  • Social Content Team: job profiles

What's next

  • Dev Team Alpha: Create the Governance system and NFT.
  • Dev Team Beta: The marketplace for trading ZHK for other cryptos within the community.
  • Web Dev Team: Rebuild dashboard to incorporate the governance and marketplace.
  • Content Team: White Paper for the Marketplace.
  • Social Content Team: prepare to onboard new members.